Rose Oil

Rose Oil

Rosa Damascena

Rose oil, scientifically known as Rosa damascena, is a highly prized aromatic oil derived from the flowers of the Rosa damascena plant. It is obtained through a process known as steam distillation, which involves the careful extraction of the volatile compounds present in the rose flowers.

The botanical name for the rose plant used to produce rose oil is Rosa damascena, a species of the Rosaceae family. This perennial flowering plant is renowned for its captivating beauty and intense fragrance. Rosa damascena is widely cultivated in various regions around the world, including Bulgaria, Turkey, and Morocco, to obtain the highest quality essential oil.

The steam distillation process begins by placing the freshly harvested rose petals in a distillation apparatus. Steam is then passed through the petals, causing the volatile compounds to evaporate. The steam and the vaporized compounds are then condensed and collected, resulting in the production of rose oil.

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