Jasmine Absolute Samback

Jasmine Absolute Samback

Jasmine Samback

Jasmine Absolute Sambac is a highly prized essential oil extracted from the flowers of the Jasmine sambac plant (Jasminum sambac). This aromatic oil is obtained through a meticulous process called solvent extraction, which captures the fragrant compounds present in the flowers.

Known for its rich and intoxicating fragrance, Jasmine Absolute Sambac contains several important chemical constituents, including benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, linalool, and indole. These compounds contribute to its distinct aroma and potential therapeutic properties.

In aromatherapy, Jasmine Absolute Sambac is highly valued for its mood-enhancing effects. It is often used to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and uplift the spirit. Its captivating fragrance has been traditionally associated with enhancing sensuality and romantic atmosphere.

Moreover, Jasmine Absolute Sambac is commonly employed in the perfume industry due to its exceptional scent and ability to blend well with other essential oils. It adds depth, warmth, and floral notes to various fragrance compositions.

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