Scents are the perfect gateway to discovering nature.
We merely hold that door open for you.

Build your essence

The core essence of your brand is very important to get across to the world. Our unique scents sets out to do just that.

Deal in experiences

We put in immense care and research behind every fragrance, so you can enjoy a scent that truly helps your brand stand apart.

Leverage our expertise

By associating with the sensory experience of our fragrances, your brand becomes truly unforgettable.

Explore our thoughtfully created wide range of Fragrance categories


Ultra in air care fragrance development, creating compelling scents for candles, air fresheners, sprays, and wax melts for your product's success. We excel at developing fragrances that meet the performance requirements of our clients.


We are a highly innovative brand that excels at providing the best personal care fragrance, which is developed specifically to create a better sensory experience. Our fragrances can be used for any environment be it home, luxurious salons, spas, industry, and more.


In the world of fine fragrances, Ultra is rapidly developing a reputation for its creative ability and reliability. Our perfumers have a wealth of experience and the creative capability to develop fragrances for customers' products including Eau de Perfumes & Eau de Colognes.


Ultra have developed a reputation with global customers for our fragrances for household products including those used for hard surface cleaning, dishwashing and toilet cleaning. Where products are required to provide fragrance for odour neutralization along with disinfectant properties, our creative teams work closely to match customer requirements.


Originally, the primary objective of the Oral Care Market was to fight bad breath. Today,
this objective still remains true; however, new objectives from consumers have pushed this market to find innovative solutions. Longer lasting fresh breath, health benefiting ingredients, antibacterial agents, are our new goals we are striving to achieve.


Ultra International delivers some of the worlds most wonderful aromatheraphy blends to you, from stress reliever to mood elevator. These delicate compounds demand great care in their production- from growing and harvesting of plant, to distillation of the oil and formulating into perfect aromatherapy blends, until it arrives at your doorstep.



Our highly trained perfumers understand both the art and the science behind fragrance design. So, every note we create has purpose and weight behind it.

Scent Design

Every fragrance we create is designed to bring the best of nature's scents straight into your homes. All of our innovation is geared towards this objective.


Our marketing specialists are constantly tracking the evolving tastes of consumers. That's why our innovation always keeps up with your needs.

Ultra International is one of the leading company in the Flavors and Fragrance industry with a vision to be the Essential Source of Sensory Innovation for customers, driven by a mutual passion for excellence.
Contact us: +91-120-4388500
E-mail: ultra@ultrainternational.com
Address: 64/1, Site-IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area Ghaziabad, U.P. 201010, India
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