Tagetes Oil

Tagetes Oil

Tagetes Minuta

Tagetes is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family, commonly known as southern cone marigold or wild marigold. It is an annual herbaceous plant that can grow up to 2 meters tall. The leaves are fern-like and highly divided, with a strong, pungent odor. The flowers are small, yellow or orange in color, and are arranged in clusters at the ends of the branches.

Tagetes minuta is known for its insecticidal properties and is used as a natural pest control agent in agriculture. The essential oil extracted from its leaves and flowers contains high levels of terpenes, which are effective against various pests, including nematodes, aphids, and whiteflies. Additionally, Tagetes minuta has medicinal properties and has been used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments, including digestive disorders, respiratory infections, and skin problems.

Product Details

Product Details

  • Botanical name: Tagetes Minuta
  • Origin: India
  • Description: Yellow to orangish yellow liquid with characteristic odor.
  • Solubility in Alcohol: Soluble
  • Physical Status: Liquid
  • CAS: 91770-75-1
  • EINECS: 294-862-7
  • Appearance: yellow to orangish yellow
  • Density: 0.837-0.897 @25ºC
  • Refractive index: 1.457 – 1.516 @20ºC
  • Legislation:  Natural 


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